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Drones for Europe

Drones for Europe (D4E) is a non-profit trade association established in Brussels, Belgium. 

D4E will achieve its objective of establishing itself as the champion of a single, unified, European drone industry through the following principal activities: 

  • D4E will provide its members, other associations and governments, an essential platform for discussion and cooperation on industry-related challenges, developments and innovations.

  • D4E will share its members' views at national, EU and international level and work with public bodies to ensure the growth, competitiveness and sustainability of the European drone industry in a global marketplace.  

  • D4E will conduct research and analysis on relevant policies; develop and pursue a collective member viewpoint on such policies; and advocate and prepare policy recommendations and position papers, to safeguard the interests of its members. 

  • D4E will conduct market intelligence research and economic analysis to support the advocacy activities of the organisation.

  • D4E will establish technical standards and guidelines for the drone industry in Europe.

  • D4E will organise and participate at conferences and events, and work with the media to better share the collective messages of its members.

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